The Lake Five Resort offers a delightful atmosphere and we have the best customers in the world. There are smiles on faces and fun goes on. July and August are busy. Cabins are often full. Sites are packed with RV’s, tents and people. Bathrooms and showers are in demand and the lake can be wavy from boats but even when it’s busy, tranquility and fun mesh and magic prevails. Almost a hundred percent of our guests enjoy our camp. They like the diverse crowd and they meet friends.

There are weekends when campsites are full between Flathead Lake and Glacier Park and we will be too. It might be, that the ideal Lake Five experience lies in the timing. If you desire a private vacation environment, the seven-week stretch starting the first week of July might not be for you. Try us in June or in September. The crowd has not arrived or is gone and the place will be yours.

Off-season rates apply prior to the Summer Solstice and after Labor Day. It’s ten percent on one or two days and twenty percent on three or more.

Following the rules will net you a further reduction: the Good Guy Discount.


Rules and Regulations

1. No littering. You are required to keep the grounds free of litter. Chewing gum, cigarette butts, peanut and sunflower seed shells, bottles, cans and wrappers is and are litter. If it's no longer desired or if it has been in your mouth it goes in the garbage. Not on the ground.

2. Be nice and considerate of your neighbors and the environment.

3. If guests receive day use visitors, a $5.00 per person fee is required. Make arrangements at the office.

4. Checkout time is 11:00 a.m. Guests desiring to stay after checkout time on their day of departure must make arrangements at office and pay $5.00 per person day use fees.

5. Speed limit is 10 M.P.H.

6. Quiet time is from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m.

7. Fireworks, firearms and explosives are not allowed on resort grounds and will not be tolerated. Hungry Horse will provide the thrills of a war zone for your Fourth of July pleasure. Have fun there and be safe. Our fireworks show is provided by neighbors around the lake and we provide the patriotic tunes played from the stage. The combination is delightful.

8. No water balloons. No air soft guns. No inorganic confetti. Use real flowers or petals.

9. Fires are permitted in fire rings only. Fire rings are not to be used for nonburnable items. Cigarette butts burn great.

10. Cutting of trees or branches for firewood or roasting sticks is prohibited. Firewood and roasting sticks are offered for sale at office.

11. Two cars are allowed at each cabin. One car is allowed at each RV site and campsite. Vehicles must be parked within boundaries of the rented site or in the overflow parking area adjacent to the roadway leading to the launching ramp.

12. One picnic table per designated site.

13. Showers are to be used by campers only. Five to ten minute showers will allow hot water for everybody. Long showers by a few will exhaust the supply.

14. Dogs are allowed for a $10.00 per day fee. Dogs must be tied unless they are taken to the boat launch where they can run and swim. Clean up after your dog.

15. Jet skis are no longer allowed at Lake Five by decree of law. Tubing is limited to the hours of noon to 6 p.m. Boaters must adhere to Montana state boating regulations: travel in counterclockwise direction, no wake within 100 feet of any boat, swimming area buoy, dock, etc.


Lake Five Resort
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West Glacier, Montana 59936
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