Ron Ridenour grew up with a dream at Lake Five. His grandparents came to Montana in 1914, filed on a homestead at Lake Five in 1915 and in the 20s, they started a resort called Retiro Cabins. They turned the business over to a second generation, Tom and Dodie Ridenour and the business is currently being operated by a third generation, Ron and his sister, Karen. Lake Five is located three miles west of the western entrance to Glacier National Park. It is near the headwaters of the Flathead River. The area was frequented by Native American Indians while on their migratory journeys between the east and west sides of the Rocky Mountains. These wanderers knew of this place and enjoyed it. Patrons from across America and around the world realize the beauty and the peacefulness and the power of this scenic spot when they visit. Although many wonder why they feel so relaxed at Lake Five, Ridenour says the reason is they feel the spirit that is there.

Today's society is fragmented with every idea from ultra-liberal to ultra-conservative, with every form of religion imaginable and with as many concepts for seeking solution or seeking discourse as there are opposing viewpoints. "Be like us and do things our way." Why do so many people have so little respect for the earth and their lives and humanity? Shouldn't a feeling of caring for life and environment be a natural reaction? This should be taught by family and the community and the educational systems we grow up with and some times it is. But unfortunately, we still tend to learn within methods of oppression like the formula used by white men for educating Indian children in concentration camp schools on the western plains. "Be like this and do things this way-or else." It has not been an effective method for motivating our citizens.

We continue to see methods inconsiderate and oppressive of others. This antagonistic atmosphere has to be altered and a committed effort to do so has to be started. Learning, enlightenment, civility, advancement--all of this could be learned more effectively if we dedicate a portion of our resources to this challenge. We learn to share our possibilities, our energies, our love.

We need places dedicated to this concept. We need a place for this learning process to occur--for lectures and entertainment. We need an amphitheater. There should be meeting rooms, an exhibit hall and a library, sleeping quarters and a kitchen. In these dedicated places we seek solutions to our problems. We seek the best and most ideal aspects of the people and governments of the world. We contemplate the humanitarian. We study the views of Indians with their strong ties to the earth. We study what we hear from conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, Socialists, Taoists, Buddhists, the Greens. We should not be offended by the ideal and true concepts of any group willing to present its ideas responsibly. A good number of our forefathers wanted to see a better world--a place where people get along. We have either inherited the dream or we are waiting to learn it.

Ridenour wants to entice a group of investors. He is prepared to dedicate property, available funding and energy to the cause. Terran Alliance is incorporated as a non-profit entity and contributions from corporations, foundations or individuals allow a deduction from income for tax purposes. Malcolm Wells' preliminary estimates for the structure hover around a million dollars which could be thought a bargain compared to many products bought with tax dollars. And with a good deal of donated labor, this million dollar amount would decline significantly.

Welcome to the concept. Your tax dollars can work for an answer--the common ground the world needs. Explore the idea. Contact Terran Alliance or visit Lake Five. Discover your part in the adventure. And for an appropriate ending to this invitation, a couple more lines from Infra Structures, Malcolm Wells' earth-sheltered design book for the future. "This is about possibilities, of 'why not?,' and of dreams. If we want our grandchildren and their grandchildren to walk upon a flowering earth, then the dreams will come true."

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