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Here are a few of the books by Malcolm Wells highly recommended by Ron Ridenour. To order, call or write Malcolm at 673 Satucket Road, Brewster, Massachusetts 02631 (508) 896-5116. Tell him Ron in Montana sent you his way.


Recovering America - his latest. It's a full-color photo journal of the trip he made around the U.S., shooting, mostly from hired helicopters, America's most sprawling buildings and parking lots. Also included are his earth-covered versions of many of the buildings. A publishing grant allows Malcolm to offer this hard-cover book for only $5.00. 144 pages.

Perspective - This has to be one of the easiest to understand studies of perspective ever written. Malcolm's grasp of space, horizon, vanishing point, etc. is uncanny and he shares his knowledge sincerely. 184 step-by-step drawings show you how to draw convincing perspectives without complicated measurements or drafting techniques. For amateurs and students as well as architects and artists. 96 pages, 1993, $12.00.

Infra Structures - Photographs and descriptions of America's crumbling and destructive infrastructure-roads, bridges, airports, etc. -contrasted with proposals for new, long-lasting public structures that will do far less harm to the land. "This," says Malcolm, "is my worst seller, and I had such high hopes for it too, after people like David Brower and Woody Harrelson and Ron Ridenour endorsed it." It's full of earth-covered designs for everything from airports (yes, airports!) and bridges to public buildings and seaports. Full color, hard cover, 66 pages, $16.00.


We live in an era of glitzy buildings and trophy houses: big, ugly, showoff monsters that stand--or I should say stomp--on land stripped bare by the construction work and replanted toxic green lawns. If the buildings could talk they would be speechless with embarrassment, but most of us see nothing wrong with them, and would, given the opportunity, build others like them, for few of us realize that there's a gentler way to build. It's called underground.

--Malcolm Wells

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