Coming along great! Everything is working! Woop.

Lots of stuff to do, but not bad so far.


"Something's up." We started using this phrase at the Lake Five Resort a few years ago. While selling candy bars and ice cream cones I try to engage folks in conversation, especially the kids. "What's going on?" I discovered, all too often, the question would be answered with "Nuthin'."

"That can not possibly be true," I countered at the counter. "It is unlimited—all of the things happening and going on. You have bicycles, the lake is right here, there are bugs and worms and squirrels. Come on guys, something's up." For effect I took to pumping a fist with the words. It started catching on. Quite a few of the kids, even some of the big kids, use the words. I don't know if they are uttered in the hallways of their schools or around the photocopier but I like to think so.

It's a fact and it's true and a little fist pump with a smile can't hurt. "Something's up."


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